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  • What is V-Elia and what does it offer?

V-Elia is a private estate with a spacious garden that can accommodate events ranging from small gatherings to 250 guests. Additionally, the estate offers the Olive Suite Guesthouse, which can be booked as accommodation for the event or separately for leisure. V-Elia offers only the venue and does not include additional services such as catering, DJ, or sound systems. However, we have a list of trusted vendors and service providers that we can recommend upon request.

  • How much does an event at V-Elia cost?

The prices for the event space vary depending on the number of people attending the event. You can find more information on the prices tab on our website or click here

  • What is the maximum capacity for events at V-Elia?

The garden area is approximately 2000 sq.m. and the maximum capacity for events is 250 guests with a 10% tolerance.​

  • Is there parking available for guests?

Yes, there is ample outdoor space for parking on the premises, but we suggest hiring a parking company for better coordination.​

  • Is there accommodation available at V-Elia?

Yes, V-Elia offers the Olive Suite Guesthouse, which is included in the event price for one night for 2 guests. Additional nights can be booked separately for leisure.​

  • Are there any restrictions on the use of the pool during events?

​Yes, the pool is not allowed to be used during events for safety reasons.​

  • What are the prices for additional services?

The following are the starting and estimate prices for additional services:

  • Catering: 30 euros per person

  • Sound System: 400 euros

  • DJ: 200 euros

  • Parking agency: 80 euros per 70 people (mandatory)

  • Bartender: 150 euros

  • Cleaning Personnel: 100 euros (mandatory)

  • What is the late checkout policy for the Olive Suite Guesthouse?

The late checkout policy is only applicable for the night of the event and can be extended until 6:00 pm. For additional nights, the checkout time is 12:00 pm.​

  • Can extra guests be invited to the Olive Suite Guesthouse?

No, only the two registered guests are allowed to stay overnight. Any additional guests will be charged accordingly as an extra 2nd event.

We hope that this FAQ has answered any questions you may have. If you have any further inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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